Jaya Koilpillai Bohlmann, MA, APR, MSMOB
Strategy and coaching for corporate communication, employee engagement, change, leadership.
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"I have known Jaya Bohlmann for more than ten years.  Our first working engagement was while she was VP of Communication at Sodexo USA.  As we worked together, I observed Jaya as she navigated and led change in a complex, fast-moving and highly competitive environment.  I was impressed with her openness to feedback, her firm commitment to growth (both her own, as well as that of others) and to the results she achieved during that time.  Based on these experiences, I encouraged Jaya to consider a career in coaching, feeling her to be a "natural" fit for this type of work.  I know Jaya to be highly intuitive, empathetic, authentic, and an effective communicator.  All of these qualities have served her well in the various roles she has held over the course of her brilliant career.  I am confident they will similarly enhance and strengthen her relationships with her coaching clients."

-- Sharon Pinnock-Fitts, MSOD; PCC (Master Coach); Professor, Georgetown University


"My experience with Jaya's executive coaching was transformative.  When I engaged Jaya, I was at a cross-roads in my career.  Having been with a firm for many years, I suddenly needed to determine my next move -- not wanting to continue on the same trajectory but not knowing how to identify a new path that would allow me to apply my skills.  Jaya encouraged me to think beyond the norm and focus more on what would be the most fulfilling for me.  Jaya challenged me to reset my thought process -- a new approach that I will continue to apply not only in my career strategy but in my life strategy as well."

-- Alice Leong, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Takeda Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc.

Our sessions guided me through the turmoil of leaving a very stressful situation --one that I had hoped would be my "dream job,"  instead of the toxic work environment that was the reality.  She helped me see the workplace for what it was, without any judgment on her part.

I found her to be a good listener, and her suggestive and questioning approach was extremely valuable in helping me come to difficult decisions on my own.  Jaya challenged me to explore the 'why' of what I was doing.  With her help I began a new career with confidence and enthusiasm.

 Throughout the engagement, Jaya was accommodating and flexible with appointment times and the length of our sessions.  I found her coaching extremely helpful!

-- Pamela Pinnock

"Jaya does a wonderful job guiding the self-inquiry process.  She has a sharp and creative mind which pairs perfectly with her supportive coaching style.  I've never felt more clear about my values and goals and how to bring them to life.  Thank you!!"

– John Bohlmann, Doctor of Naturopathy Intern, National University of Health Sciences